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I build web tools
About Me
A small introduction about myself
Owen Connor
Web Developer from Dublin

I am a versatile, hands-on developer with 3 years’ experience with a proven ability to identify, analyse & solve problems, deal with clients and manage projects from conception to delivery. Having spent 8 years in sales prior to returning to web development I possess a business acumen and appreciation of commercial sensitivities rarely found in a developer. My background has made me passionate about buidling web applications that automate and improve business processes and improve peoples lives.

I joined Storyful in 2011 in order to effect a change in the way news was generated. Over the three years I worked there we had a huge imapct on the news industry, something of which I am immensely proud. Since starting at Eagle Alpha my focus is to continue to push boundries every day and bring the type of innovation which made Storyful a success to the Equity Research Industry.

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Technical Skills
what I can do
Ruby & Rails
At the core of my work is a proficiency in Ruby on Rails. I have a passion for backend ruby development.
Coupled frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra I am able to create software that enhances efficiency and user/customer experience.
I love building sites in Haml, it's elegant and tidy and always my first choice. If needs be I can fall back to HTML
Haml allows me to create lean and digestable templates which are easier to refactor, debug and maintain.
Sass logo
I have developed a knowledge in CSS with which I can effectively style web applications.
More recently I have turned to SASS as its much more DRY and powerful than standard CSS.
I have worked hard over the past few years to improve my Javascript to the point that I can generate powerful and functional UI's.
I have worked with JQuery, Backbone & Handlebars extensively and have experience with Angular.
Test Driven Development
While within Storyful adding features to key applications comes with the overhead of ensuring legacy features don't break.
A comprehensive test suite which I add keep up to date is a crucial a prerequisite for this.
A key element in the success of any application is ease and reliablity of deployment.
I have experience in configuring deployments to heroku and to VPS's using Capistrano.
Work Experience
Where I have been before
Dec 2011
to present
Eagle Alpha
Rails & Frontend Developer
Eagle Alpha provides clients with insights from the Web through Research, Tools and Data. We analyse the entire Web using Proprietary and Licensed Technology, Data Science Engineers and Research Analysts. We access and analyse a wide array of sources across the Web. Curated and filtered streams of Tweets from Twitter deliver both real-time breaking content for clients and also a massive source of topical and timely content to analyse for long-term trends.


My role at Eagle Alpha has a number of key duties. Firstly improving our client facing products, delivering improvements in functionality & improving customer experience. I work closely with our research analysts to source and harness datasets and API's which can deliver valuable data via research. Also focusing on streamlining and automating their processes increasing their efficiency allowing them to focus on their skills which add value.


My inital quick wins at Eagle Alpha are that I:
  • Developed and application to pull data from the trulia API, cleanse it, and perform basic analysis. Automating an manual task.
  • Redesigning the most visited areas of the appilcation to improve UI and usablity, adding key additional functionality.
  • Implemented a number of key 3rd party tools, Heap, Intercom, Zendesk, Redmine, improving our development & business processes.
Dec 2011
to present
Ruby on Rails Developer
Storyful is the first news agency of the social media age. Storyful’s Newswire allows newsrooms to quickly and accurately source breaking news on the social web. I joined Storyful after completing my Higher Diploma and while starting my MSc. In my time there I have gained valuable experience in an amazing startup environment


Over the past three years in Storyful I have been involved in many diverse projects and activities. I have worked closely with journalists on the improving efficiencies in the publishing CMS, with partners in delivering content via API, MRSS and custom methods and with end users in improving the UI of story templates. All of this goes hand in hand with ongoing maintanance and support of current systems. I have a pivotal role in testing and debugging within the dev team due to the extensive knowledge and experience I have built up over three years.


Some of the successes I am most proud of in Storyful include:
  • Greatly streamlining the process for a journalist to create and publish a story, decreasing the time required by automating many tasks and concurrently introducing a publishing workflow.
  • Working with companies like MSN and Yahoo to configure and automate the ingestion of Storyful content directly to their delivery platforms.
  • Implementing the autogeneration of client emails from Storyful content based on client requirements. This saved journalists over an hour a day
to 2010
Sales Career
Various Sales Roles
After intially leaving college I embarked upon a career in Sales. Over 8 years I worked for organisations selling software and SAAS products. Over that time I project managed numerous implementations in both the private and public sector. The skills gained over this period have enabled me to take a deep commercial understanding to my development roles


Over this time I worked for companies including Imagine Telecom, pTools, Sam360 in roles including Team Leader and Sales Manager.


A number of achievements over that time which speak to my skills are:
  • Successfully winning public sector tenders worth in excess of 250k
  • Managing a team of 12 salespeople
  • Project managing the implementation of software projects using SMART and PRINCE2 values
What I have learned
May 2011
to April 2012
MSc in Web Technologies
National College of Ireland
This course gave me the opportunity to develop outstanding expertise in all facets of web development. The course was practical in nature and provided me with an understanding of how to design, create, test, debug and maintain web applications to be deployed distributively across multiple hosting platforms and VPS's. The thesis project allowed me the opportunity to develop a complex application from conception to delivery.


  • Deployment
  • Enterprise Frameworks
  • Usability Testing and Implementation
  • Web Application Frameworks
  • Advanced Client Side Scripting
  • Advanced Rich Internet Applications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Technology Entrepreneurship


The code from my masters thesis is available on github. And you can download and read the thesis document here
Sept 2010
to May 2011
Higher Diploma in Science in Web Technologies
National College of Ireland
The Higher Diploma provided the basis to improve and modernise my skills utilising modern web technologies. The course gave me the opportunity to develop expertise in modern programming principles, languages and frameworks and the programme furnished me with an understanding & practical introduction of how to create rich internet web applications.


  • Client Side Web Technologies
  • Intro to Computing & Web Technologies
  • Server Side Technologies
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Web Application Development
Sept 2000
to May 2002
Diploma in Multimedia Design
Senior College Dun Laoghaire
This course provided a grounding in what were at the time the most prevalent technologies in web development and multimedia creation for the web. This diploma laid the foundation for my understanding and love of web development and has helped me enormously over the years.


  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript
  • Visual Basic
  • Shockwave & Flash
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Ringsend, Dublin 4, Ireland

+353 (0)86 0737004

owen at owenconnor.net

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